Friday, June 26, 2009

Curio Obscura takes the crown for 'Biggest Hair in Sl'

So in my previous post, I stated that I made a find at Hair Fair '09 that was truly amazing. In fact it was crazy/amazing, CRAMAZING if you will. And really, I have nothing more to say, I'll just let the picture talk.
The hair itself came from Curio Obscura's booth at Hair Fair, along with three other truly CRAMAZING hairstyles that I can only hope will be sold at the mainstore after HF, because I spent all my Linden on this masterpiece. So ladies, here are the details...

The hair itself is 450L, which is not bad given all the options it comes with. The hair is scripted and comes with a wide variety of hair colors, accessory colors, and styles it can be worn in. Along with the ACTUAL SPINNING PROPELLERS with SOUND! And a STAGE in the middle of the hair with TINY DANCING COUPLES! OMG! Really, if you're looking for a head turner, do you really need to ask for more?

Get the look:

Rococo Fantastico, Curio Obscura
Outfit- Paeoti Madame de Pompadour Set, Nymphetamine
Alyssa (freebie, possibly discontinued), Beauty Avatar

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